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were formerly the Errant Skeptics Research Institute.  Our primary

mission and focus has shifted to presenting strong evidence for

Jesus Christ's claim that He is the unique Son of God,

and that He is the only way one can be saved.

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Please be patient during our transition from the Errant Skeptics Research institute to Evidence for Jesus Christ (

We pray and hope tou love the new look. Previously we used  MicroSoft FrontPage 2003, which very few hosting companies support. We  have switched to Expression Web 4 for editing, and upgraded to a template from I3D. The template provides many features and benefits, which will be apparent in the future.




"As the Father useth this expression I AM, so also doth Christ, for it signifieth continuous being, irrespective of all time."

John Chrysostom, Archbishop Antioch and later Constantinople  Born: 347 AD, Died 407 AD

"But herein is the excellency of this Divine Sun, that He illuminates not only the object, but the faculty; doth not only open the mysteries of His kingdom, but opens blind eyes to behold them."

Robert Leighton, Born 1611, Died 1684

"He was created of a mother whom He created. He was carried by hands that He formed. He cried in the manger in wordless infancy, He the Word, without whom all human eloquence is mute."

Augustine Born 354 AD, Died 430 AD

A bit about our team...


In the early nineties a small, but dedicated group of Christians encountered a  small group of militant atheists in the America-On-Line forums.  The atheists were looking for a fight, and immediately went on the offensive, with their leader hurling one bombastic charge followed by a second, and third. On and on it went, with no let up in sight. We never lost faith or gave up hope, but kept pressing on in the face of violent opposition. We had the Lord and truth on our side.

    J.P. Holding went on to launch the highly successful Tekton Apologetics Ministries, with Michael Shelton at his side writing scientific articles debunking evolution. Greg Neal and I decided to launch the Errant Skeptics Research Institute (ESRI), with Neal later going on to become a successful minister in Texas. In addition to running an insurance agency, I served as an officer with Kansans for Life.

    In April 2014 the focus, mission, and name for changd to Evidence for Jesus Christ (, with new software to enhance the website.  A website is always a work in progress, and this upgrade will help us to glorify the Lord. Stay tuned.   Grace and peace, Gary Butner, Th,D.

Meet the team...



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